New Audi Q3 Steps Out for the Camera During Cold Weather Testing

New Audi Q3 Steps Out for the Camera During Cold Weather Testing

Audi’s little SUV, the Q3 is set for a change and now we have shots of it testing in Lapland with production head and taillights.

Set to get lighter, more practical, and even more upscale, the Q3 will have to take on not just the BMW X1, but internal competition from VW’s short wheelbase Tiguan (in Europe, that is).

The Q3 will move onto the ubiquitous MQB platform. As result, the it will grow but not by much. Expect it to grow by about 2.3 inches in length, and a little less than 2 inches in width and wheelbase, all of which should be helpful for handling and interior volume.

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The platform also opens the engine compartment up to all sorts of new goodies. Thanks to VW’s MQB platform, it can take any one of the group’s small (transverse) engines. Everything from the 1.4 turbo, to the 2.0-liter can fit in it.

A plug-in hybrid version is expected, and we know that the chassis can handle an electric motor, too, if that catches Audi’s fancy.

We’re also likely to eventually see an RS Q3, which would probably use Audi’s excellent turbo five.

Finally, the appearance is also expected to be updated, but isn’t likely won’t change an enormous amount. Expect an update similar to the Q5’s, with somewhat swoopier lines.

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