Real World MPG Fuel Economy Database

Real World MPG Fuel Economy Database

Although all vehicles roll off of showroom floors with EPA certified fuel efficiency ratings, as the famous saying goes ‘individual results may vary’.

Not all vehicles can achieve the stated miles per gallon (MPG) figures while others require greater effort in being efficient. At , we track the real world consumption of the vehicles we drive to help you, the consumer, better understand what can be expected in the real world.

Now we’ve decided to launch a database of our most recent numbers, and we’ll continue to update it weekly with every new car we drive. The tests are not from a standard loop, but rather from each of our editors going about their daily routine. Some have a heavier foot than others, while some drive more miles in the city or highway (or vice versa). The fuel economy for vehicles listed as being driven in a comparison do, however, come as an average of several drivers over a predetermined loop.

We appreciate your feedback and hope these numbers help you pick your next new car. Remember, these are our observations and, once again, your results may vary.


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