Some 2017 Audi Models Will Be Able to Talk to Traffic Lights

Some 2017 Audi Models Will Be Able to Talk to Traffic Lights

Audi has announced its first vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) system that is heading to select 2017 models.

Developed in conjunction with Traffic Technology Services (TTS), Audi of America is launching the first V2I technology called Traffic Light Information, and it will be available on select 2017 Audi A4, A4 Allroad and Q7 models starting this fall. It will be an Audi Connect Prime feature and will enable the car to communicate with the infrastructure in select cities and metropolitan areas across the U.S.

The technology allows the car to receive real-time signal information from the advanced traffic management system that monitors traffic lights. The link between vehicle and infrastructure is routed through the on-board LTE data connection and Traffic Technology Services, Inc. servers.

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The system aims to give the driver more information while they’re waiting at traffic lights. For example, if a driver is stopped at a connected traffic light, the driver information system in the instrument, as well as the head-up display if there is one, will show the time remaining until the signal turns green.

“This feature represents Audi’s first step in vehicle-to-infrastructure integration,” said Pom Malhotra, general manager, Connected Vehicles. “In the future we could envision this technology integrated into vehicle navigation, start / stop functionality and can even be used to help improve traffic flow in municipalities. These improvements could lead to better overall efficiency and shorter commuting times.”

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