Tesla Model S P100D vs. 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500 1/4-Mile Drag Race Is a Bummer

Tesla Model S P100D vs. 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500 1/4-Mile Drag Race Is a Bummer
There are some of you who still question the impact of the Tesla Model S and we’re here to demonstrate the image potential of the new range topper, the P100D.

The opinions on the charisma of a car that sounds like an elevator are split in our office and yet we can’t deny the power of the thing. No, we’re not referring to the 760+ electric horses, but to the EV’s aura.

As far as we know, a single example of the P100D has taken to YouTube so far, but the amount of buzz the electric sedan has managed to generate is amazing.

We’ve discussed its initial acceleration tests, which were performed on the street, just like the races against a Lamborghini Huracan. Subsequently, the two took the brawl to the drag race, where the Tesla also competed against a Nissan GT-R (obviously). Oh, and let’s not forget the P100D vs. P90D games. Mind you, these involved a second car, one dressed in White.

Well, we’re back on the drag strip topic, as the 2017 Tesla also met a Shelby GT500 and a Golf R on the prepped surface – these races were held at the Palm Beach International Raceway, just like the battles mentioned above.

The fight involving the Vee-Dub won’t get too much attention here. After all, we’re talking about an all-wheel-drive hot hatch that starts out in life as a 296 hp machine, so, unless it gets modded beyond recognition, which isn’t the case here, it can’t put up a proper fight against such a Tesla.

Instead, we’ll focus on the Mustang battle. The car we have here is a 2014 Shelby GT500, which means we’re dealing with 662 ponies. The Blue Oval beast comes in stock form, but its driver has turned to drag radials.

As those of you who have launched stick shift machines know, sprint-prepped tires will boost your performance, but don’t expect things to go perfectly smooth.

So while you’re watching the P100D vs. GT500 race (the other battles, Lambo and GTR included, can also be seen in this clip) keep in mind that the Mustang driver is 100 percent engaged, while the guy in the Tesla has the AWD Model S doing all the work for him.

And we can tell you this much: both speeding toys delivered 1,320 feet numbers that are perfectly normal for each car’s specs.

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