Volvo S90 Cross Country Won’t Happen, But the Rendering Looks Cool

Volvo S90 Cross Country Won’t Happen, But the Rendering Looks Cool
hat is a crossover? As most people know it, this is a pseudo-SUV built on a car platform that isn’t too good off-road but handles better on the road.

But at its core, the crossover is a vehicle that bridges two or more segments. Over the years, we’ve had crossover MPVs like the Renault Scenic XMOD or Golf Plus Cross and lots of crossover hatchbacks: Polo Cross, Dacia Sandero Stepway and Hyundai i20 Active.

But Volvo is probably the only car company in the world with a dedicated off-road sedan, the S60 Cross Country. To hide the fact that it’s standing on its toes, the sedan has been covered in protective cladding of both the black and silver kind. It’s a strange model that’s probably doomed to fail, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream that it might one day have an S90 big brother.

Making it might seem simple – you just raise the suspension and add the body kit from the V90 Cross Country. However, engineers would have to do another million hours of testing, and there’s just no point.

The XC60 is still the most popular luxury SUV in Europe, though the GLC-Class is about to overtake it. Meanwhile, in America, the XC90 is very popular. So Volvo is far more likely to make a Sports Activity Coupe than mess with sedans.

The fact that there’s not going to be an off-road S90 has been indirectly confirmed, since the V90 Cross Country is described as “the fourth and last model in the 90 series.”

The rendering part of this story comes from X-Tomi, stitched two cars together to make a go-anywhere executive sedan.

There are places where it could be very popular, such as Canada or Japan. However, there’s not enough demand to make the S90 Cross Country happen.

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