2017 BMW i3 Gets New Model With Better Battery and More Range

2017 BMW i3 Gets New Model With Better Battery and More Range

BMW has added a new version of the i3 electric car to its lineup for the 2017 model year.

The 2017 BMW i3 will be offered in a new version that has 50 percent better battery capacity, meaning range has been increased to about 114 miles combined on a full charge, 33 miles more than the current i3. Called the 94 Ah (ampere hours), this i3’s battery has a capacity of 33 kilowatt hours, thanks to having a higher energy density, and has the same dimensions as the regular battery, which is a 60 Ah unit with a 22-kWh capacity.

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BMW says the 114-mile range can be achieved under regular mixed driving conditions, in different weather and with climate control turned on. This new battery will be available with the battery electric i3 as well as the i3 equipped with the gasoline range extender.

The 94 Ah battery can be fully charged with a Level 2 charger in 4.5 hours, slightly longer than the 3.5 hours it takes to charge the 60 Ah unit. When connected to a DC fast charger, an 80 percent charge can be achieved in about 40 minutes.

Besides increased range, the BMW i3’s performance specs remain the same otherwise. System output is rated at 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque and can hit 60 mph in 8 seconds, a slight increase over the 60 Ah model due to the additional 270 pounds in weight.

BMW is also offering a new home charger designed for faster charging and a new color for the i3 that was previously only available on the i8. Pricing for the 94 Ah model will be announced closer to launch.

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