BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Predicts the Future

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Predicts the Future

BMW rolled out a new concept today to celebrate its centenary and also to hint at the future of the German automaker. 

The Vision Next 100 Concept is showing off what BMW believes will be the future of motoring and is focused on improving driving through the use of digital intelligence, intuitive driver-vehicle interaction, futuristic materials and an intelligent drive partner.

Two main drive modes are offered in the concept, Ease mode and Boost mode. In Ease, the Next 100 takes care of all the driving for you, while Boost will allow you to take over the controls. A digitally intelligent companion is on hand to learn all of the your habits while in your car and will tailor all of the car’s settings to suit your needs. The companion also has a physical element,a large cut gemstone fitted to the dash, to help the driver connect to it.

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One of the more far fetched systems BMW claims is in the concept is its “Alive Geometry.” The setup consists of 800 moving triangles set into the instrument panel and certain spots on the side panels. Essentially, the triangles are able to move as one and give signals to the driver. BMW describes it as “a form of preconscious communication, where an intuitive signal predicts an imminent real-time event.”

Though the idea of alive geometry is for the distant future, BMW says the most immediate step inside its cars will be the addition of organic LEDs, which are displays that can actually change shape. BMW also say that the entire windshield may one day become a screen.

To actually build the car, BMW says that the concept uses recycled fabrics, carbon fiber and the residue from carbon fiber production.

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